Monday, September 18, 2006

Sweet, sweet tabloids...

It's amazing what you find when you're scouring the net for stories with gay content for work. These choice tidbits from UK tabloid The Sun should keep you entertained...

Brickie sacked for being hunky

HUNKY teenage labourer Joe Norman was sacked from a building site at a girls school — for driving pupils into a frenzy.

The 18-year-old, who had spent the summer helping to build an extension, started getting wolf-whistles when classes resumed after the holidays.

Girls at the Catholic school would yell: “Oi, fit builder!” Then gangs of them started to CHASE him down corridors... (click here to read the whole story).

'I fell for identical brothers'

RANDY Amanda Bennett bagged herself a real twinset – by bedding a pair of identical brothers.

And it was only when she got them between the sheets that she could tell the difference between the boys.. (Full story here)

Gay sailor axed for rookie romp.

A SAILOR has been booted out of his Navy base for allegedly romping with a male trainee.

Fitness instructor Sam Connell, 22 — who is a Mr Gay UK finalist — is said to have had consensual sex with a 20-year-old recruit in the gym.

Top brass ordered him off HMS Raleigh in Plymouth at just an hour’s notice. There are strict “no-touching” rules, banning fraternisation between trainers, senior ratings and recruits at the base.

A top-level investigation is now being carried out by Navy detectives.

An insider said: “It’s a massive embarrassment for the Navy.”
(full story - and pic - here)


Bonnie Conquest said...

Alll that badness in one day?!

The most appalling is the story of the litle mick scrags.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gay UK finalist and RN sailor Sam Connell tells me that he wasn't actually sacked, and that "the Royal Navy big wigs have been very supportive of all of the ‘bad press’ that has been written".